11 Ways to Find Peace in God

Finding peace in tough times is hard, right? I’ve been there. 

A few years back, everything in my life felt like it was falling apart. 

I failed WAEC (an entrance exam in Nigeria), my parents were strapped for cash, and bills were piling up.

Though I was a Christian, I’ll admit I wasn’t super devoted. 

I barely read my Bible, didn’t pray much, and never invested my time in kingdom service. 

While all this was going on in my life, my friends were thriving! 

They bought new cars and houses for their parents, got married, and raised a happy home. 

Seeing it all on social media made it even worse.

At some point, I couldn’t help but wonder why my life is such a mess when theirs is so great. 

I was restless, anxious, and lost my peace. Thank God I didn’t consider anything crazy.

After agonizing over it, I decided to get advice from my pastor, Ben Musa. 

I spilled the beans, telling him how lost and stressed I felt due to the events in my life and around me. 

He said I needed to focus on finding peace through God and making peace with others.

Easier said than done though! I mean, how could I be at peace when everything around me was chaos? 

Luckily, he gave me some practical tips. And let me tell you, they worked! Just five months later, my outlook changed. 

So what were the secrets? Here are the 11 ways I learned to find peace in God:

1. Accept Christ

This is step one! Giving your life to Jesus is the only way to find true, lasting peace — not the superficial kind the world offers.

Christ has come to give us peace not as the world – or materials – give (John 14:27)

kindly say the prayer below if you are yet to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. 

“Dear Lord Jesus, Forgive me for my sins. I believe you died for me and rose on the third day to save me. I accept you as my Lord and personal savior. Come into my life and help me obey your commands. Thank you, Lord Jesus.”

Having said the prayers with all sincerity, find a Bible-believing church and enjoy God’s unlimited peace. 

2. Get Close to God

Build your relationship with God by reading the Bible, praying, listening to sermons, and hearing his voice. 

Being close to Him helps you feel His peace regardless of the storm you’re passing through at the moment. 

3. Immerse Yourself in the Word

Daily Bible reading strengthens your spirit and draws you closer to God’s wisdom and comfort.

Apart from helping you build stronger relationships with God, studying the word of God is another way to find tranquility amidst the storm of life. 

4. Pray it Out 

God knows your struggles. Pour out your thoughts and hearts to Him as your caring Father. 

It eases worries and anxiety. 

Prayer is a source of comfort and solace, allowing you to feel closer to God and find peace in His presence. 

Apart from praying for God’s peace, the Bible charges every believer to pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) 

Therefore, ensure you pray in and out of season so your altar will keep burning. 

5. Meditate on God’s Word 

It’s one thing to read God’s word, but another to meditate on his word. 

If you have your Bible right there, kindly open to Joshua 1:8 — a popular verse. Let’s read. 

According to this verse, meditating God’s word means speaking and living it all day. 

It’s easy to forget if you only read the word, but you can’t forget if you meditate. That’s because you will keep repeating and declaring the word throughout the day. 

Quieting your mind to focus on God and declaring his words regularly can make you more receptive to His presence and guidance. Deeply powerful for inner peace.

6. Worship With Others 

I have seen some Christians miss worship services, either online or offline. 

They are prone to lose their peace when little troubles arise. 

Attending church services reminds us we aren’t alone. 

Sharing struggles with genuine brethren and worshipping together will reduce your burden in one way or another. 

Participating in worship and other spiritual activities helps to unite us with God.

7. Give Thanks Always

Instead of focusing on disappointments, be grateful for the blessings you have. It encourages a heart of peace.

Like I always say, don’t be an ingrate who ignores all blessings to focus on what the Lord hasn’t done. 

You will lose your peace if you focus on what you haven’t achieved. 

“Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” 

Praise God for all you have and trust him for what he is about to do. That way, you will be at peace with God and yourself.

8. Give And Engage In Free Services 

Acts of service get our minds off our troubles. Volunteering also brings us closer to God’s purpose.

Engage in voluntary services that will make other people smile instead of crying indoors. 

Go out with friends, engage in charity programs, and you will find peace in God. 

9. Forgive Yourself and Others 

Peace and unforgiveness can’t coexist regardless of your efforts.

Reminiscing your previous mistakes can disrupt your inner peace. Therefore, forgive and forget your past errors and focus on the future. 

Letting go of grudges and hurts clears away what divides you from peace. Reconcile with others and yourself.

10. Surrender To God’s Control 

Trusting God’s plan for you will lift the weight of worry.  Recognize He is in control and desires good for you.

This mindset will surely fill your heart with peace and joy, especially if you believe Jeremiah 29:11

Do your best and leave the rest to God’s care. Let Him prove why he’s the King over your life.

11. Read Inspiring and Spirit-filled Books 

Lastly, reading is another way to find peace in God because knowledge strengthens faith and understanding. 

It can illuminate God’s peace and show you different ways to find it.

For anyone seeking God’s peace, I highly recommend the new book The Mysteries of Time and Money

It is an awesome read with tons of wisdom on following God’s purpose, living peacefully, and building your relationship with Him.

Meanwhile, Vibrant Youth Life promise regular inspiring content that will boost your peace and happiness.

Let me know if you have any other questions and tips on finding peace in chaotic times.

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  1. Amazing……I love your points on this article most especially the point on meditating on God’s word…thats my daily weapon in bad and good situations…

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Suzy for your kind words. We can’t do anything without God’s words, and I love the fact you meditate on it daily.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on the post.

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