9 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks To Save Money On A Tight Budget

Like most people, I used to struggle to save money every month. My budget was tight, and my expenses were always higher than my income. 

However, I eventually found a way to save 20% of my monthly income. 

What changed, and how did I turn things around? Well, the answer is simple — I tweaked my lifestyle and spending spree a bit. 

I know you want a better and more detailed answer. Hence, I will discuss the ten simple lifestyle tweaks to save money on a tight budget. 

I have deployed the strategies over time, and they work for me. (See the Image below… The safelock section)

Screenshot of my savings on Piggyvest

You will get similar results if you follow all the money-saving tips below: 

1. Create a Budget 

Creating a budget is the first thing to do to save money regardless of your income rate. 

A budget helps you control your expenses, allowing you to save for emergencies. 

Create a budget suitable for your current financial situation. 

Factors to Consider When Creating a Budget 

Below are the most significant factors to consider while creating a budget:

  • Income: 

You can’t write a budget that surpasses your earnings. 

So, consider your wages or salary while budgeting to avoid stories that touch. 

  • Saving Pattern

Most people make a budget because they want to save something. 

Your budget must clearly state the percentage you intend to save. 

  • Importance before Comfort: 

Importance must come before pleasure when creating your budget in a tight situation. 

Settle urgent needs before targeting materials that will only give pleasure. 

As much as you desire pleasurable items, you might need to overlook them until your income improves. 

2. Reduce Your Expenses 

Reduce non-essential expenses by limiting impulse purchases. 

Don’t buy snacks when you can easily prepare nutritious meals that will satisfy you. 

Ignore a new pair of shoes when you still have more options in your shoe rack. 

There is nothing wrong with getting what you want when you have sufficient money. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at this moment. 

Spend wisely so you will have a little to save despite your tight budget. 

Trust me, that’s another way to save money on a tight budget 

3. Avoid Debt 

 Debt is one of the things you should avoid at all costs because the interest and pressure can be very challenging and tiring. 

Besides, living a debt-free life is one of the ways to save money on a tight budget. 

How? Debt incurs interest. You can save money instead of settling loan interest. 

Luckily, you won’t need to borrow if you create a compatible budget.

4. Explore Coupon and Promo Codes 

Search for coupon and promo codes before and during shopping. 

Coupons let you purchase items at discounted prices. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how and where to find promo codes. 

So, how can you explore promo codes when shopping online or offline? Let’s discuss that. 

How to Find Promo Codes Before Shopping 

You will obtain multiple promo codes if you explore the platforms below:

  • Search Engine

Check Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get coupon codes.

Visit Google and search ‘coupon codes in London store’ or “coupon code for online retailer stores” in your location. 

You will see a list of shops and stores offering coupon codes for cheap and affordable prices. 

Alternatively, search for the specific store name and promo code for better results. 

For instance, search “Amazon coupon codes for ebooks” or “available promo code on Amazon” if you intend to shop at Amazon. 

Google will suggest different promo codes you can explore on Amazon only. 

Repeat the same approach for different shopping stores near you. 

  • Newspapers and Magazines 

Looking for promo codes in newspapers and magazines sounds funny and unpromising, but nothing is impossible. 

Many magazines often include coupons in their daily publication. 

Family Cycle, Women’s Day, and Good Housekeeping often add grocery and household coupons to their publications. 

Meanwhile, other magazines that often feature coupons in their content include the following:

  • Glamor and Allure offer coupons for beauty products. 
  • Motor Trend and Diesel Power provide coupons for automobiles. 
  • Self and Shape provide coupons for health-related products.
  • Free Coupon Tracking Software

Some call them money-saving apps, while others know them as coupon trackers. 

The apps will reveal available coupons when you install them on your device. 

Install, launch, and check for available coupons; it’s that simple. 

Alternatively, install the app’s browser extension version on your device. 

They will scan any commercial store you visit and reveal promo codes to explore for a cheap shopping experience. 

The best coupon-tracking browser extension software includes Honey, invisibleHand, and Price Count Octoshop.

5. Avoid Fast Food 

We all want to eat an intercontinental dish in a well-air-conditioned restaurant. 

We want to go on a date with our spouse, eat good food, and have fun in a classic atmosphere. 

Unfortunately, all these treatments come with a price your budget can’t afford. 

Sorry, you should avoid fast food for now if you must save for an emergency. 

Cook delicious meals at home. Purchase the items you need and prepare something tasty that will stay long. 

This tip will help you save money because homemade meals are cheaper than fast food. 

6. Buy Used Items Instead Of New 

Though this might sound funny, it remains one of the effective ways to save money on a tight budget. 

Consider purchasing fairly-used clothes, furniture, and electronics instead of new items. 

However, consider some factors when buying a fairly-used product so you will end up with a fake one.

Fairly-used clothes market in Nigeria
Fairly-used clothes market in Nigeria (Vanguard)

Factors to Consider While Buying Used Items

The things to consider while buying second-hand Items include:

  • Price 

Price is the first factor to consider when buying a fairly used product since you don’t want to spend too much. 

  • Production Year 

Ask how long the seller has been using the product or check the product’s manufacturing date for more clues.

Some products might look good, but their functionality and performance are nothing to write about. 

Hence, I advise you to check all the visible components and production dates before making your final decision. 

  • Damage, Tears, or Wear 

Here’s another thing to check while looking for second-hand items like clothes and automobiles. 

The production year isn’t necessary if the appearance is not attractive. 

Check for damages, wear, tears, scratches, or marks before paying for any used products. 

  • Warranty 

Warranty is another thing to consider while buying fairly used items. 

I advise you to select items with a considerable warranty so you can easily return them if damaged. 

7. Increase your Income 

Complement your primary income with side hustles like freelance writing, affiliate marketing, or ridesharing. 

Even an extra $100/month can drastically increase savings.

In my new ebook, I discussed nine side hustles you can do and how to start them. 

You will get a 50% discount if you purchase it via this link: (add link) 

8. Join a Saving Challenge

Many fintech platforms allow users to save money within a specific time frame. 

They offer financial incentives for every money you save to motivate and encourage you. 

Though Digit and Arcons are famous options, I recommend Piggyvest to Nigerians because I currently use it. 

I have been on the platform for over two years. 

They have done amazingly, helping me save a lot of money. 

PiggyVest is certified by the government and other financial institutions in the country.

Piggyvest app logo

The platform creates different saving challenges for users depending on their financial capacity. 

You can join the 30k challenge for a month, the 150k challenge for two months, or the 1 million challenge for five months. 

It is very flexible because you can break the challenge in emergencies that require urgent money. 

However, you will lose the interest earned as a penalty for breaking your commitment. 

Join Piggyvest via my unique referral link (I apologize if it sounds promotional) 

9. Track Savings Progress

Stay motivated by calculating interest earned, watching balances grow, and setting specific savings goals. 

Celebrate every milestone and keep pushing for more.


Saving money on a tight budget takes effort, but it’s achievable with dedication. 

Try out a few of these money-saving hacks to see immediate results. With time, watch your bank account grow!

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