The Good Old Days Of Zero Worries

Is there an age or year of your life you would re-live?

Definitely! Those good old days of zero worries when everything was fine in my dear country — Nigeria.

Those were the times we often celebrate Independence Day like Christmas.

Good old days of zero worries when we comfortably slept in a fence-less compound with two eyes closed.

No fear of being kidnapped or losing pricey assets to thieves and armed robbers

I could remember those days when I would happily go to the farm and help my parents clear the bushes for cultivation.

I would rush to our yard to wet vegetables to boost their growth.

An African farmer cultivating his farm
A farmer clearing the weeds

The good old days of zero worries when I would play football from 4 pm to 6 pm without thinking of cooking.

Do you know why? My lovely siblings were the best chefs in the world and they would have finished cooking before my arrival.

How will I forget those days? When my mother kind of treated me ‘specially’ because I always helped her with farming and other home activities.

Did you just call me Mum’s favorite? Well, you aren’t far from the truth!

Although she always tried to hide her special love for me to avoid unnecessary jealousy from my siblings.

You know how caring mothers can be sometimes, right?

How can I forget Christmas time? Those were unforgettable moments in my family.

I mean, who doesn’t love the festive mood attached to Christmas?

Christmas design that shows one of Good old days

Primary schools would visit TV stations for their Christmas Carols, while Radio stations wouldn’t stop playing Christmas songs.

Giveaways would keep coming left, right, and center as we all anticipate the great day.

What about “Christmas and New Year’s clothes and shoes”? My mother never missed it for once.

She would measure our legs with a broomstick. Took it to the market and purchased fancy shoes for all her little children.

She would take us to the market to choose any clothes of our choice for Christmas. Well, you can’t go for options outside her budget… No, not at all.

Can you relate? I’m sure you can!

The clothes and shoes automatically mean Christmas is two weeks away. So, preparation would begin in top gear.

My sisters would decorate our small apartment and engage in other pre-Christmas activities.

What about me, you ask? Well, as the man (or boy) of the house, my preparation was inside the farm, harvesting cocoyam and cassava.

My job was to ensure we had sufficient food throughout the festive season.

Christmas day is always the best time to wine and dine for my family! Mum and my elder sisters would prepare two different dishes.

One before church services and the other after returning from the house of God.

As you know, Christmas is all about giving! There were lots of sharings and givings at the time.

A well packaged christmas gift.

Mummy would give her neighbors food, drinks, clothes, and other lovely items.

We’d also receive delicious Christmas meals from friends and neighbors.

Trust me, there were genuine friends and neighbors in those days.

How I missed the good old days of zero worries and little struggles!

If I have the opportunity, I will re-live those moments and enjoy a meaningful lifestyle once again.

I would re-live those memorable times when people are genuinely happy.

However, while it’s impossible to bring back those days, we can create better ones.

Let’s show love to one another. Let’s stop backstabbing one another and live peacefully.

Let me ask you again — Is there a year of your life you would re-live? Let me know in the comments section.

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