Five Effective Ways To Find Your Purpose in Life (They Worked For Me) 

Are you finding it hard to discover your purpose and passion in life? 

Oh, I’m sorry you are in such a state right now. 

Sincerely, it is the last thing I wish for my enemy not to talk of my readers. 

I was in the same situation some years ago, and I know how hard it is to live without a clear direction. 

What makes it even more difficult is I can’t simply say I want to be this or that in the next ten years. 

Today, I would follow my dad’s career suggestion. The next day, it’s my uncle’s prediction. 

Next tomorrow, it’s my guts — I had no clear vision for my life. 

A young man confused about his purpose
Young man with too many questions

Nothing can be more frustrating than being in a conversation where people mention their purpose, and all you do is nod your head because you have nothing to contribute. 

Am I right about that? It’s difficult and pathetic. 

I was in such an unhealthy state for many years until I eventually discovered and explored my writing potential. 

So, how did I know what I was born to do? How did I uncover this path I chose? 

What were the convincing signs? 

Did I consult a pastor or what? You will get to know if you read to the end. 

Note that everything on this page is mainly from first-hand experience. 

However, I consult a few sources to garnish this meal I have prepared for you. 

Finding Your Purpose: Why and How? 

Finding your purpose in life isn’t as important as knowing why you should discover it in the first place.

Read that line again for more clarity. 

As I mentioned in one of my LinkedIn posts, your actions are often determined by your reasons.

You can’t give your best to be rich if you don’t have a solid reason to amass wealth. 

You can’t be in a healthy relationship and raise a happy home without a strong reason. 

Your reason (why) will be the motivating factor in your quest for fame and success. 

Therefore, let’s begin our journey by revealing the three significant reasons you must find your purpose. 

Three Reasons You Should Find Your Purpose

1. It Defines Who You Are 

Your purpose is your life. It’s your priority. 

Everything about you revolves around your purpose. 

You will live a confused and overwhelmed life until you define who you are and what you intend to become. 

Discovering your purpose will let you know what to do or avoid. 

It will redefine your mindset, lifestyle, and behavior into one that will boost your purpose.

For instance, you eventually find out your purpose is to become a football player. 

Your attitude will change in response to your latest discovery. 

You will start training, monitor your diet, and engage in other activities to improve your performance on the pitch. 

2. It Helps You Live a Happy Life 

There is an unsummable joy in living a life of purpose. 

Knowing your purpose, achieving it, and doing it guarantees fulfillment and happiness. 

Have you seen Steve Harvey do his motivational speech thing? Man is always happy because he’s living a life of purpose.

A Happy writer working on a laptop
Happy Writer |

What about Apostle Joshua Selman of Eternity Network International? Papa always wears his happy face when preaching the Gospel. 

That’s because he is living a life of purpose. 

So, find your purpose if you want to be happy and fulfilled in your endeavors. 

3. It Encourages More Focus and Determination 

When you finally discover your calling, you will channel all your energy and efforts into it. 

Even if you would invest in other endeavors, you will prioritize that purpose. 

You will ignore the noise and distraction from other industries or spheres of life to focus on the primary target. 

Now that we’ve crossed the ‘why’ hurdle, let’s head over to how you can find your purpose in life. 

How To Find Your Purpose (Five Ways That Work) 

Below are the five ways I discovered my purpose: 

1. Pray and Seek God’s Direction  

The first and most effective way to discover your life purpose involves praying to God for direction. 

Like I always mentioned ( and backed by the scripture), there’s nothing you want to become without God’s knowledge. 

Everything good comes from the Lord. 

The Bible equally charges us to stop trusting our understanding when it comes to life-related decisions. 

The Word tells us to acknowledge the Lord, and he will direct our path. 

I wish I had known this many years ago. I wouldn’t have made some nasty decisions that affected my growth. 

It’s not enough to trust your five senses when finding your purpose.

As much as they play crucial roles, they shouldn’t take God’s place in the whole equation. 

Call on God; he will answer and show you the path your senses can’t even imagine (Jeremiah 33:3)

Jeremiah 33:3 — God's promise to show the ways to find your purpose in life
Jeremiah 33: 3

Spend time with God, pray for guidance, and he will show up to you. 

What if you don’t hear from God? Then, try the next option. 

2. Seek Advice From Knowledgeable People 

Don’t be disappointed or discouraged if you can’t get a divine direction directly from God. 

It could be your limitation (I’m not talking of sin here). 

In that case, I would advise you to involve knowledgeable people who can advise you without any personal interest. 

Your pastor, mentor, and parents belong in this category. 

Walk up to someone you know and you trust for solid advice. 

They might know so much about you based on your attitude and potential.

young man getting advice from an elder on ways to discover his life Purpose

3. Consider Your Passion 

Your passion is one of the factors to consider when finding your life purpose. 

Answer the following questions:

  • What’s that thing you love doing regularly without stress and anxiety? 
  • What’s that task you can do perfectly with little to no supervision? 
  • Where do you love to spend money and time? 
  • Is it football, writing, singing, dancing, farming, or preaching?

Well, that could be God’s purpose for your life. Focus and make it your career.

 It’s no longer a hobby but a business that will put food on the table if you are serious. 

Invest time and effort, develop your skills, and become an expert.

In no time, you will be a source of inspiration to upcoming generations in the chosen industry. 

What if you have a passion for three crafts? That makes it more interesting. 

I’m not being sarcastic here. I mean it because you have more options. 

I understand the fact that choosing one could be more difficult, but it’s to your advantage. 

Hence, study all the skills you have. 

  • Which one has the best demands in the world? 
  • Which one can you handle best? 
  • Which one promises to give you more fulfillment? 

I recommend you go with that. 

But who says you can’t handle two or more tasks? First, choose the best option and build it to a laudable stage. 

Come back to the second one later if you think it’s necessary 

4. Consider Your Strength and Ability 

Life’s purpose is all about you — your personality and mindset. 

Don’t let anyone choose for you. 

You can seek their advice, but the final decision is all about you and your capacity. 

Spend quality time reflecting on yourself. Know your ability, core values, and what matters most to you. 

Explore Meditation and journaling for better clarity.

Choose something compatible with your character and personality. 

Meanwhile, you might go for something far from your natural prowess if you are willing and ready to alter your norms and develop new traits. 

Leave your comfort zone and try unfamiliar routines like New hobbies, activities, classes, jobs, etc. 

(A young boy leaving his comfort zone to find his life purpose) 
A young boy leaving his comfort zone to find his life purpose

The journey might reveal your purpose. You never know. 

5. Trust Your Intuition 

I have said this over 1000 times. 

Another way to find your purpose is to pay attention to yourself. 

Trusting your gut and intuition is one way to do that. 

Don’t make irrational decisions when it comes to finding your purpose. 

Instead, take time, listen to your gut feelings and inner guidance, ask questions, and find answers. 

  • Do you feel excited about a career or project? 
  • Are you upbeat and convinced about your chances? 

Your intuition might be telling you something that will benefit you in the long run. 

Back to my Story… How Did I Know my Purpose? 

Initially, I thought I would be a Footballer because I love the game. 

I didn’t just love it; I could kick that round leather ball to any length. 

However, I thought of pursuing school grades before venturing into the professional football scene. 

Unfortunately, it ended up being one of my not-so-good decisions. (Trying not to use worst) 

I couldn’t gain admission on time. The process of writing entrance exams on multiple occasions ultimately killed my football dream. 

After many years of trying and confusing state, I discovered my writing potential and honed it. 

Guess what? I started writing football news, match previews, and all that.

Three months later, it was at this point I knew I was meant to be a writer. 

I hope I answered this question quite well. 

What Happened After The Discovery? 

After some years, I joined the lifestyle writing niche because I want young people to learn from my struggles and experiences. 

But before that, I prayed to God for direction. 

And I was lucky to get one from my father in heaven. 

I have said a lot about it already. Let’s avoid repetition. 

Did I Consult a Pastor? 

Not at all. I prayed— God answered my prayers. 

Nonetheless, you can’t over-emphasize the role of a good spiritual figure in stuff like this. Trust me! 

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Find Your Purpose 

Why is it so hard to find your purpose in life? 

Sometimes, it’s hard to find your purpose in life because you are scared to decide for yourself. 

You let people choose everything on your behalf. They dictate for you. 

Another reason why finding your purpose seems too difficult is because you don’t know what you want. 

You ignore your passion, hardly pray for God’s direction, and never plan for the future. 

How do you find your purpose or passion in life? 

To find your purpose in life, you must:

  • Pray to God for direction 
  • Seek top-value people’s honest advice. 
  • Discover your passion 
  • Know your strengths and talent. 
  • Be willing to try and learn new things (leaving your comfort zone) 

As for passion, you need to observe:

  •  What you can’t stop doing 
  • What you do seamlessly 

Why is it important to live a life of purpose? 

Living a life of purpose makes you more responsible and focused because you have a target to achieve. 

It makes you happy and fulfilled because you live an impactful life you love and desire. 

A life of purpose makes you choose a healthy lifestyle over habits that could jeopardize your health. 

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