Five Principles Of A Healthy Relationship And Happy Home

Are you ready to mingle, but you are scared of a breakup? Is it always difficult for you to sustain relationships? 

Whichever categories you find yourself in, this article will surely be of good help as it contains five principles from Emilie Barnes, who has been in a healthy relationship for over 50 years. 

I know you’ve heard of Emilie Barnes before, right? If not, then rush down to Google and search for her. 

By the way, that should be after this article! I can’t risk losing you to Google at this time of the day… 

Okay, here’s a brief information about the highly-rated author:

Emily Barnes is a famous American writer whom I cherish for her inspirational and spirit-filled books and publications. 

What Makes a Woman Feel Loved? is one of her books I love so much as it contains lessons and values.

Emily Barnes Book Cover

Among many things discussed in the book, I’ve decided to share the principles of a happily married couple and a healthy family. 

After 53 years of marriage, Emilie Barnes shares her secrets for a lasting relationship. 

She also revealed that these principles helped her raise a happy family and ministry. 

I’m sure you will achieve similar results if you apply them. 

So, what are Emilie Barne’s strategies for enjoying a comfortable and productive relationship?

1. Giving 

Marriage is all about giving and for-giving. It’s all about sacrificing many things for your spouse. 

You must give your partner your time, attention, respect, love, opinions, finances — virtually everything you have. 

According to her, a couple must learn to give all they have to each other if the relationship must work. 

In her case, Emilie and Bob (her husband) exchange gifts, share opinions, gist, text frequently, send love cards in a well-designed box, etc. 

These few ‘little’ things significantly helped the relationship grow, you know. 

Interestingly, they’ve been together for over 60 years, doing the same things. 

Learn to give your partner everything that will improve your relationship. 

Spend quality time together, and don’t hold back information that could affect trust.  

Have you been a faithful giver to your spouse? I would love to know in the comment section — plssss don’t leave me hanging! 

2. Relating 

Relating is another principle that boosts her relationship with Bob and the children. 

Relating means being on the same page with your partner. 

It means having an undeniable chemistry with your better half. 

As the name implies, ‘relationship’ is all about relating with someone you love and cherish. 

It is all about sharing your thoughts in love, harmony, and peace, putting yourselves in each other’s shoes. 

3. Allow Your Partner to Be God’s Person 

I still don’t know why this is my favorite of all the five tips — probably because it involves God (Maybe). 

Letting your partner be God’s person is one of the untold strategies to enjoy a healthy relationship and a happy home. 

As much as you want to solve many problems affecting your spouse, know that Jesus is the best healer. 

Try your best and let God handle the rest. Don’t stop your partner from getting close to God. 

Let them spend quality periods with God and ensure you have quiet time (devotional time) together as a family or intending couple.

A happy family studying God's word together

Pray together, study God’s word, and engage in God’s activities as much as possible. 

Don’t be jealous of your partner’s growth and achievement if it glorifies fire God and his Kingdom. 

Build your relationship and family on God’s solid foundation by doing his will, obeying his commandments, and trusting the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. 

Your home will enjoy peace and inexplicable calmness, even during trials and tribulations. That’s God’s specialty. 

You see that picture above? That’s a perfect example of a happy family. 

I’m sure you can replicate or even do better… Take up the challenge! 

4. Edification 

Everyone loves edifying words; we all crave people’s praises, right? 

I mean, we all like it when friends and relatives give kind and lovely remarks about our appearance, attitude, and actions. 

So, learn to shower encomium on your spouse. 

Seize every available opportunity to praise them using edifying words. 

Short sentences like: 

  • You are amazing
  • You are beautiful
  • I am happy you are part of my life. 
  • I trust you 
  • You are the most caring man I know. 
  • Thanks for being the best girlfriend ever 
  • You are my superhero any day, anytime. 
  • Thank you for raising a peaceful home
  • I can’t celebrate your love and care enough. 

These edifying words are effective in building a happy and healthy marriage. 

Try them and see how your spouse will love you more. 

Look at your partner’s eyes while echoing the sweet words to their ears. 

They might be short, but their impact can’t be overemphasized. 

Meanwhile, edifying words are not limited to praise. They include encouragement. 

Encourage your partner in trying times, motivate each other when things are going wrong, and provide the shoulder they can rely on during trials and storms. 

Don’t disappear when they need encouraging words to keep going. 

They will love and cherish you for being available in good and bad times. 

This is arguably one of the most effective principles of a healthy relationship. 

5. Touching 

Pay attention to this part because it’s very important. Very important.

Touching your partner plays a significant role in improving confidence, mutuality, and acceptability in a relationship. 

Hold hands while you walk down the road, wrap your arms around each other’s neck, and rest your head on your partner’s shoulder while watching a romantic series.

A couple holding hands as one of the principles of a healthy relationship

All these often-overlooked actions will create an impressive psychological effect on your partner. 

They will always want to be around you because they cherish how you hold and touch them with pride. 

Besides, physical contact builds better intimacy between couples. 

Touching your partner (respectfully) will lead to better intimacy and mutual respect. 

It is another non-verbal way to communicate emotions among partners. You can easily detect what your partner wants via the way they touch you. 

Unfortunately, most people only touch their spouse to stimulate sexual desire. 

That’s not the case. 

Emilie preaches non-sexual touches that can benefit the relationship in and outside the bedroom. 

That’s all from Emily Barnes. However, before I draw the curtain, let me quickly add this one… 

Love (Extra point)

No relationship survives without love. The principles of above won’t produce the desired result without genuine affection. 

Hence, love is the primary factor in a relationship. You can’t respect someone you hate.

It’s hypocritical to hold hands with the person you despise. 

Relating becomes impossible if malice and hatred are the order of the day. 

Therefore, ensure you love your partner with everything you have. 

Going back to Emilie’s tips, loving God should come first because you can’t love man accordingly without God. 

There you have it: the five tips to build a healthy and happy relationship.

A happy family

What do you think about these principles? Is there anything you feel like adding to the points? 

Do you have any questions for me? Drop your comments and opinions in the comment section below. 

Let’s give a standing in the ovation to Emilie Barnes!!! 

You can go check her out now. You have my blessings.

Meanwhile, you might want to read my humble opinions on effective ways to find good friends.

Thank you for being here, and I hope to see you in my next post. 

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