16 Ways To Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Having a happy and healthy relationship with your significant half is one of life’s greatest joys. 

I mean, nothing is as good as touring the world while you rest your head on your lover’s arm or shoulder. 

But it doesn’t happen automatically – it takes effort and commitment from both partners. 

So, let’s spill the beans on 16 simple ways you and your love can build an amazing bond that stands the test of time. 

I’ll even throw in some real-life experience and examples (from my parents) to back up my advice. Let’s dive in!

1. Show Genuine Love

According to marriage counselors, expressing real love tops the list. 

Saying “I love you” is not enough — back it up with actions. 

Happy couples mean every “I love you” that proceeds out of their mouth. 

They celebrate themselves and look forward to spending every second together. 

Studies show that acts of kindness keep the romance alive way more than empty phrases.

Small acts like bringing home flowers or remembering your spouse’s favorite dessert demonstrate true care and affection.

Happy couple who genuinely love each other.

2. Sacrifice Many Things For Your Partner 

Sacrifice plays a vital role in a healthy relationship. 

All happy couples have sacrificed one thing or the other to make the relationship better and more exciting. 

It could be money, time, or energy. Prioritize your partner’s needs and well-being as much as your own. 

So, next time bae’s had a bad day, go the extra mile to cheer them up. 

Meanwhile, sacrifice isn’t a gender thing. Both parties must play their part in this regard to make things work.

3. Appreciate Each Other

Appreciation strengthens relationships. Make it a habit to thank your partner for even small favors.  

Seize every opportunity to celebrate your spouse for being the best soulmate. 

Do it regularly. 

Thank your woman for preparing a delicious meal, completing the home chores, and raising lovely and well-behaved kids. 

What about ladies? 

Celebrate your man for providing for the family, settling your needs, and protecting the family when necessary. 

There are many ways to celebrate your spouse. You can take them out on a date or buy them a gift. 

Seriously, you can never compliment your partner enough. Couples who give props are always satisfied in their good relationships.

4. Exchange Meaningful Gifts

We all love getting gifts from someone we cherish, especially life’s partner. 

Happy couples know and practice it quite well. 

Surprise your partner with a gift that shows how well you know them. This creates an emotional connection.

Don’t wait for birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, or other special occasions before getting your partner a gift. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive — cook their favorite meal, make a playlist of “their” songs, or get something that matches their unique interests.


5. Mark Special Occasions

How would you forget your spouse’s birthday? Does it even make sense?

Happy couples never forget each other’s birthdays. They are always ready to celebrate in grand style.

Therefore, don’t let important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions slip by. 

Relationship experts from Altura Learning rightly say celebrating these milestones reinforces your love and dedication to the relationship.

6. Resolve Conflicts As Soon As Possible

Disagreements are normal, every couple has fall-out moments in which they argue over one thing or another. 

But letting fights drag on for days is a bad decision.

Next time you have a tiff, be the bigger person and make up first. Compromise when you can, and don’t be too proud to say sorry. 

Don’t play the blame game to justify your actions.

A fighting couple after a simple conflict

7. Avoid Third Party Interference

Look, I get your mom and bestie want to “help” when your relationship hits a rough patch. 

But the healthiest couples keep their issues between themselves. 

They believe in the “Two is a company, three is a crowd” rule. 

However, hurriedly involve family and friends if your partner often molests you. 

Don’t hide such a criminal act from your clans. 

Never sweep issues related to mental or physical assault under the carpet. 

You might lose your life if you keep it to yourself for a long time.

8. Communicate Openly

Communication is everything. 

Relationships will suffer when there is a weak communication line between both parties. 

Have regular talks about your goals, fears, and whatever else is on your mind. 

Put down your phone and pay attention during these intimate conversations. 

Ask follow-up questions — show them you truly listen and care about the relationship.

9. Learn Your Spouse’s Love Language

Everyone expresses love differently. Maybe your partner prefers thoughtful gifts or quality time.

Figure out what makes them feel most loved and do more of that. 

It may take some trial and error, but it’ll be worth it, trust me. 

What if you ask them? Well, that’s okay, but not too cool… I think.

10. Go on Dates Regularly 

Many couples automatically stop going on dates immediately after the glamorous wedding party. 

That’s one mistake you should avoid if you must live happily with your newly wedded spouse. 

Couples who carve out time for regular date nights appear happier than the others. 

You don’t necessarily need a vacation; regular visits to simple but romantic places can keep the spark alive.

Quote from Rosemary Egbo on a Happy and Healthy Relationship

11. Respect Privacy

Privacy in a relationship? Won’t it affect the bond? Not at all, if done properly. 

If your partner asks for space, don’t take it personally. Go out and make new good friends, take up a hobby. 

As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” 

However, there is a limit to how you should stay without your partner. A moment, one day, or a week is acceptable. 

Anything other than that could be suspicious and unhealthy for the relationship.

12. Do Chores Together

Really? Yes. Washing dishes or folding laundry together can actually be fun. 

Sharing responsibilities around the house helps to develop better intimacy. 

Offer to help with their least favorite task — this shows you care about lightening their burden.

13. Defend Each Other 

Stand up for your partner if someone criticizes or disrespects them. 

However, do it with top maturity. Don’t add fuel to the fire. 

If your bae was actually wrong, explain that to them in private later.

Happy couples won’t stop at nothing to defend each other in public because they believe it’s “us against the world”

Couples on a vacation to a blue-lake arena to catch fun

14. Collaborate On Goals

Here is another thing common to all happy couples. They set collective goals, and map out strategies to achieve them together. 

Plan your future together – from financial goals to dream vacations. 

Couples who set goals as a team feel more united and connected.

15. Provide Emotional Support

Be their soft place to fall when they’re going through hard times. 

Listen without judgment, offer comfort, offer words of encouragement, and remind them this too shall pass. 

Having someone like you in their corner can help them get through tough days as soon as possible.

16. Forgive Mistakes

No relationship is without offense, but happy couples forgive each other wholeheartedly. 

Holding grudges over petty issues or past mistakes will only breed resentment. 

Let go of grievances and give your partner a clean slate. That way, you can live happily forever.


How do you have a happy and healthy relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend?

  • Communicate openly and honestly. Listen to understand, not just to respond. 
  • Make quality time for each other. Plan regular date nights, activities, and adventures together.
  • Show affection often through words, gifts, and touch. Know and fulfill each other’s love languages.
  • Compromise when necessary, regardless of your gender or importance in the relationship. 
  • Give each other space and freedom to be individuals.

What is the secret of a lasting relationship?

  • There’s no one secret. However, the key ingredients include mutual trust, respect, honesty, commitment, intimacy, fun, growth, and sacrifice.
  • Don’t take each other for granted. Express appreciation and affection regularly.
  • Value the relationship itself. Invest time and effort even when life gets busy.

Couples forgiving each other

How do I make my relationship not boring?

  • Try new experiences together – take a class, explore new places, or pick up a hobby you can both enjoy.
  • Break routines and keep things unpredictable sometimes. Be spontaneous when you can.
  • Flirt, tease, and play together. Don’t lose your sense of humor for anything.
  • Discuss topics beyond day-to-day life.

What are the 5 most important things in a healthy relationship?

  • Trust
  • Mutual respect
  • Honest communication
  • Compromise
  • Intimacy and affection

Wrapping Up 

I have seen these tips work in many relationships. You can adjust your approach based on what works best for your partnership.

Trust me, you can build a happy, healthy relationship with your spouse through mutual respect and compromise. 

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  2. This is a great list of tips for a happy and healthy marriage. You wouldn’t think something like doing chores together means anything. But my Mister and I do them together as much as possible. We have the common goal of getting things done around the house and yard, and we come together, having great conversations while we work. Plus, chores go a lot faster if there’s two of you doing them. 🙂

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