The Ugly Side of My Christmas Trip To The Village 

I know you haven’t heard from me since December 2023, that’s because I travelled to my village for the holidays. 

Seeing my parents after a long time and watching baby goats wobble around made the trip to the village worthwhile. It felt good to laugh with my family as we caught up on the porch after months away in the city. 

We discussed so many issues, reflected on life’s journey, and how it was hard to live in a buzzing city. 

My younger siblings are so grown up that I hardly could recognize them. Those kids wouldn’t stop laughing at my terrible Hausa accent. 

While there are a whole lot of fun memories and events, I struggled with the internet network. 

If there’s one thing I didn’t like throughout my stay with my parents, it was the poor mobile network

My sweet hometown has the poorest internet service in Nigeria. I’m not even lying! 

I felt completely disconnected from the wired world I’m used to.  

I couldn’t call, chat with friends, or text anyone. Loading a web page was like trying to fill a bucket with a leaky straw that requires 20 minutes. 

Streaming live videos on YouTube is an impossible task while posting on LinkedIn is a no-go area for me. 

It was so bad I spent the whole New Year’s Day celebration on the farm, searching for a better connection when others were rejoicing with their loved ones. 

Thankfully, my little cousin and my elder brother visited me. So, we decided to hunt for pineapple after my torrid experience.

Trip to the village

Call For Improvement

In this digital era, internet service and mobile connection is a must-have commodity in every town. 

I can’t imagine staying in the village for a month— my source of livelihood will surely crumble unless I venture into agriculture and other possible activities. 

The major Telecom providers should up their game in rural areas. People don’t have to go through hell before surfing the Internet. 

Let them benefit from technological advancement across the globe. Hence, I’m using this opportunity to plead to MTN, Airtel, and Glo’s to do something about Ondo State (Akure, Ilu Abo) service.

It’s a major problem that could lead to poor income, stunt growth, and low standard of living

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  1. Brian Pennington

    Ah to think I’ve lived quite happily for 3/4 of my life without the internet or social media. What an essential addiction it has become. I still prefer real relationships to the virtual ones.

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