Long Life Vs Good Life: Which One Is Better? 

What are your thoughts about the concept of living a long life? Would you rather live long or live well? 

So much has been said about long life. Some say it is one of the best gifts in life. They would rather live long even if they can’t afford many good things in life. 

Others believe long life is overrated. According to them, good life is all that matters, even if it doesn’t last long. 

Which category do I belong to? None! 

I mean, what’s the essence of living a long life of lack and want? 

Why should someone live in penury and struggle for 90+ years? I see no reason one should live that long in pain and struggle. 

I understand everyone wants good health, properties, and to live an impactful life. 

But what’s the importance of wealth that doesn’t last? Absolutely nothing! 

Luckily, with God, you don’t have to choose because you can live long and well. 

He wants us to live long in good health and prosperity (Read Psalm 91:16 and Hebrews 6:14) 

In this article, I shared some helpful ways to live long and live well.

What Age Is Considered Old? 

Though the United Nations claims that old age begins at 60, some people believe you are still an ‘advanced adult’ until you are 80.

As for me, you can be considered an elderly person once you clock 60. At this point in life, you should possess the experience and thinking-ability of an old one. 

How To Live Long And Well 

1. Believe The Lord And Pray For Long Life 

I have seen a wealthy and good-looking man die in his early 40s. 

Sometimes, long life doesn’t depend on what we eat or do but on the Lord’s desire for us. 

That’s why you should believe in the Lord with all your might and pray for a long life. 

As mentioned earlier, God wants us to be alive for a very long time. Hence, we must pray for his will to be fulfilled in our lives. 

2. Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

While prayer is advisable and effective, it can never replace a healthy lifestyle.

If you must be in good health and live long, it’s should:

  • Stop Smoking

Listen up, toss that cigarette between your fingers because smokers are liable to die young. 

Puffing on the cancer sticks is the surest way to cut your life short. It causes more harm than good. 

Your coronary arteries and lungs will be affected, leading to unhealthy heart conditions. Your system will be exposed to cancer and stroke in the long run.

  • Ensure Perfect Weight 

Though a healthy weight won’t make you live forever, it’ll surely help you stay longer to have more fun with the grandkids. 

What’s the healthy BMI range? A healthy weight range falls between 18.5 and 24.9. 

Target a BMI below 25; anything other than that is irrelevant weight that can affect your lifespan. 

Use one of the adult BMI calculators to monitor your weight regularly. The point is to watch what you eat and move those legs more!

  • Watch What You Eat 

Junks won’t extend your stay on earth. They are medically proven to be dangerous to your body and its immune system. 

Eat more plants. Fill that plate with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains. Toss in some fish now and then. 

If possible, lay off red meats and butter, and drizzle on that olive oil. 

That’s not all, timing is also important when it comes to healthy eating habits. 

Stop late-night food, it isn’t good for your health. The effects of late-night food include harmful weight gain, increased blood pressure, disrupted sleep, and indigestion. 

Don’t eat three hours before bed to avoid the unwanted adverse effects of late-night food. 

In the same vein, overeating is also a threat to a long and good life. Consume a moderate amount of food at the right time to stay healthy.


  • Move Your Body 

While you’re watching your meal and diet, don’t forget to move your body. 

Exercise your body regularly. Visit the gym or try any in-house body-fitness moves. 

You can do a 10-minute morning walk, lunch lap, and evening groove. Trust me, your heart and body will thank you.

3. Stay Happy 

Do you want to live long and well? Learn to stay happy. Create a happy relationship with your spouse, kids, and other relatives.

Happiness isn’t the absence of problems but your ability to remain calm and collected amid everything. 

It is the ability to maintain your countenance even when things aren’t going exactly as planned. 

How to be Happy in Life Problems 

I know it’s easier said than done. However, it’s possible if you:

  • Focus on the positive side of life

While there are 1000-and-99 reasons to be sad, you have many things to be grateful for. 

The free air you enjoy is more than enough reason to be happy. Thank God for that! 

What about your beautiful kids? Seeing them in a healthy state calls for celebration. Don’t overlook it. 

Instead of wailing over the goals that seem impossible, be grateful for what you have achieved so far. 

Be happy for the gift of life the Lord has given you. 

  • Mingle with happy people 

The people around you somehow determine your happiness if you let them. 

They can dampen your countenance and mental health with their sad spirit and discouraging words. 

Compatibility, reliability, positivity, and loyalty are four important factors to consider while choosing your friends

  • Do Whatever Makes You Happy 

Practice what makes you happy. It might be community services, charity, career, etc. 

Don’t let people’s opinions and validation determine how you live your life. Engage in any legal activities that guarantee fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy. 

Wrapping Up

The choice between longevity and quality of life is a false dichotomy since we can have both. 

Prioritize your health but don’t worship it. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, not comparison. 

Define success by who you bless, not just what you achieve. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit well because that’s how to live long, meaningfully, and leave a lasting legacy.

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