Make Her Fall In Love: 10 Effective First Date Tips For Men 

Many men love to appear confident on their first date. They want a first impression the lady will love and cherish. 

While it is okay to be bold and lively on your first date, there are things you shouldn’t do or say so you won’t disappoint the innocent girl willing to give you a chance. 

Read and follow the tips below to convince your girl.

1. Don’t Be Rude to Anyone 

A few guys ruined their first date by being rude to the waiting staff of the chosen bars or restaurants.

They felt like commanding the waiters or waitresses would reflect how much respect and value they get from people.

Don’t sound rude to anyone on your first date. Respect the girl, waiter, waitress, or the management. 

Respectfully ask her what she wants, place your order, and patiently wait for the staff to serve you.

2. Avoid Asking Too Many Questions 

As much as a first date encourages better intimacy, it isn’t a question-and-answer session or mini-interview.

Don’t ask too many questions from the pretty lady. She will tell you everything she thinks you should know at the right time.

Does it mean you shouldn’t ask anything at all? No, ask some basic questions like:

  • Can I meet you? 
  • Where is your best place on earth? 
  • What makes you special and unique? 
  • What special event would you like to share? 
  • Who are the most important people in your life? 

Ensure your first date is a memorable interactive time. Catch fun, enjoy yourselves, crack jokes, and be happy.

3. Don’t Make it all About You 

Many men unknowingly do this, trying to impress their lady on the first date. As much as you intend to tell her convincing facts about you, listen to her too. 

Women love it when their potential future partner listens to them and cherishes them.

4. Don’t Propose on Your First Date 

Have you ever wondered why some ladies reject their men’s open marriage proposal? That’s because some were on the first date.

How do you expect a lady to accept your marriage proposal without courtship or chemistry? 

It is impossible if the lady truly wants a bright future with you.

Don’t make such a mistake that could lead to irredeemable damages and unforgettable embarrassment.

Instead, start courtship, get a befitting ring, and propose at the right time.

5. Don’t Question Her Choice of Meal, Dress, And Career 

Are you one of those guys who can’t do without criticizing people’s decisions and choices? I’m afraid you will have to drop such bad behavior throughout your first date. 

Condemning her fashion sense, meals, and chosen career might ruin your chances of a happy relationship

Appreciate her beautiful dress even if you don’t like it. Tell her she’s astonishingly beautiful. 

Applaud the fact she took her time and effort to honor your invitation. 

Meanwhile, this isn’t limited to her fashion sense. Her career choice, eating habits, and meals should escape your hurtful comments, at least for the first date. 

6. Sex Talk Isn’t Good For First Date

Though you are strong in the other room, a first date is never the best time for sex talk. 

As much as you are interested in sex talk, don’t bring it up while having an exciting time with her. 

7. Don’t Be Quiet All Through the Date

The first date is more like an introductory session in a friendly and lively version.

Keeping mute or giving “yeah, really, oh!” responses all day will ruin your first date.

Come up with interesting first date topics, share exciting memories, give her a clue of what to expect from your siblings, and she would be glad to have spent time with you.

Couples on a first date

8. Avoid Awkward Dressing 

Though I don’t have the most attractive fashion sense, at least I know awkward dressing is unacceptable. 

Appearance matters so much on the first date. Don’t discourage her with poor and unattractive clothes and attires. 

Put on your best outfit, look attractive, ooze class, and let your appearance reveal how much you value yourself and your image. 

n case you don’t know what to wear to the first date? The following are first-date dresses to consider. 

  • Linen shirts
  • Polo shirts
  •  Oxford Cloth Button Down (OCBD) shirts for guys. 
  • Jeans and polo shirts

Meanwhile, apply your inviting deodorant/ perfume to avoid any smell that could ruin the much-anticipated date. 

9. Mind the Good Night Kiss

Dear brother, please overcome the urge to give her a goodnight kiss. 

Reaching for the lady’s lips on the first date isn’t too cool, especially if she isn’t ready for such a ride with you.

Take a step at a time, build intimacy for some days, and be sure she is prepared for the kissing experience. 

10. Don’t Drink Excessively 

Drinking is allowed on the first date— no crime at all. 

The joy of spending quality time with the woman you love for the first time can be so surreal that you dine and wine. 

However, drinking too much of wine on a first date is unacceptable. It will send a wrong signal to the lady, who might develop second thoughts about choosing you over other potential suitors.

Oh, one last point…

Be Your Best Self

Relax and let your personality shine. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If she doesn’t appreciate the real you, she’s not the one.


While it’s crucial to have a laudable impression on your first date, don’t try too hard to impress her. 

Don’t cross your legs— most girls don’t appreciate such a sitting posture on their first hangout with spouse. 

Be free, act natural (except you have a bad character), crack jokes, and avoid arguments. 

Avoid all these things, and exercise patience while she decides whether you check all the boxes. 

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