Welcome To 2024: Year Of Shaking Tables


Wondering why the title sounds like that? Well, you should read this blog post with utmost attention because I’m about to shake people’s tables (By telling the truth about yourself)

Where should I begin this post? Okay, let’s start with…

Chief Procrastinator

Last year, you were the best at postponing tasks. Only God knows how many events you checked off your to-do list without doing them. 

I’m sure you can’t recall how many alarms you snoozed (and eventually canceled) without doing anything.

It’s another year, and you have prepared a new list of missions to achieve. 

You’ve set some challenging targets for the year, which is a good move. But here is my question — won’t procrastination stop you again? 

No? Tell me, how do you intend to prevent procrastination? Let me know in the comments. 

And if you don’t know ways to overcome that procrastinating habit, check my article where I shared  Nine ways to stop procrastination

Read, apply, and thank me later. Having dealt with procrastination, it’s time for…

Low Self-esteem, Fear, or Imposter Syndrome

In 2023, you were so scared of people’s opinion that you didn’t follow your dream. You doubted your ability so much you didn’t even try. 

That tiny voice of fear and inferiority complex would whisper whenever you wanted to take the first step. 

Your fear opened doors to procrastination as a way to make you feel better. Instead of admitting your fears and Imposter Syndrome, you kept saying: “I will do it later.” 

You couldn’t deliver one tangible result throughout the year. Your well-written target list lies helplessly on your shelf, staring at you and your fearful spirit. 

2024 should be different, right? No gree for anybody. We should see a determined and bold personality ready to give all it takes to succeed legally. Tackle your fear and go for your dream. 

Understandably, it’s easier said than done. I know it is easier to write than to develop the required mindset. Hence, I don’t expect an overnight transformation. 

Instead, take it a step at a time. This valuable article will surely be helpful in your fight against fear. Begin 2024 on a bright note. 

Our next stop is…

People Pleaser

“What will my uncle say if he sees this post on my Facebook page?” 

“Will my dad love that I’m into modeling?” 

“How will my friend react to my new blogging career?”

“Will my parents be proud if I become a hotel receptionist?”

You were so concerned about people’s validity that you ignored every opportunity that came your way throughout 2023. 


Your life is yours, and you are responsible for whatever happens. 

Don’t get me wrong — I know many people are concerned about you and want the best for you. However, they won’t always be there to help or pet you. 

You will be the chief victim or beneficiary of the outcome of your life. So, stop thinking of whatever people have to say about you. Ignore opinions that won’t boost your quest for success. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t consult some people for advice. Just learn to pursue your dreams without paying too much attention to criticisms or approvals. You have nothing to worry about if your hustles are legal and Godly. 

Additionally, ensure you have strong conviction before taking any major decision this year. Make sure the career you intend to pursue in 2024 aligns with God’s purpose for you. 

The question is, how can you discover God’s purpose in your life? I discussed ten ways to find God’s purpose in one of my previous articles (here). I shared my life story in the post for better results; you should check it. 

Let me wrap up with those who are…

Scared Of Investment 

You wanted your company to be one of the best in 2023. You desired much revenue and profits but didn’t come to pass. 

Did you know the reason for your failure? You didn’t invest in your business. You wanted profit without investing, which is impossible. 

The rule is that every business must spend to thrive. Surprisingly, you wanted $1,000 without investing a dime on ads. 

Things don’t work that way, especially in the business world. Invest time, money, and energy in whatever you do this year. That way, you will enjoy massive growth in 2024.


Sincerely, I have poured out my mind to you. It’s left for you to follow up on these pieces of advice and ensure you have a productive 2024. At this point, everything lies in your hands. Have a great year ahead! 

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