Let the Journey Begin: Top Six Tips for Launching a New Venture

Hey friends! I’m excited to share this first post as I start my blogging journey. 

Wait, do I hear you say “congratulations”? Well, thank you! I hope this becomes a valuable resource for you all over time.

I know that starting something new can be daunting. Whether it’s a business, a side hustle, or any new endeavor; the beginning stages are crucial for future success.

Hence, I’m giving all it takes to start strong and maintain the tempo. 

Meanwhile, I also understand that downtime and challenges are unavoidable at some point. So, I have included ‘preparing for bad days’ in my checkbox too. 

Oh, forgive me for making this post look like it’s all about me and my new blog. 

I’m excited and nervous at the same time, and I feel like sharing my thoughts and expectations to ease the pressure (at least a bit). 

Well, that’s all about me! Let’s talk about YOU! YES, YOU! 

Are you thinking of starting a new project or career but don’t know how to start or what to expect? 

Are you afraid of what the future holds for your soon-to-be-launched business? 

It’s okay to feel that way, but you don’t have to! All you need is a strong start. 

Lay a solid foundation for your business or career, and see how things will turn out. 

Talking of a strong start, below are some of the six ways to begin a new thing in life 

1. Adopt A Winning Mindset And Superior Belief System 

Nothing makes you a winner like having a winner’s mindset. 

Nothing gives you a victorious life like seeing yourself as an unshakable goal-getter. 

Your chances of being a failure or success all go down to your belief system and mindset. 

You first have to picture yourself being successful before applying the required efforts.

Learn to believe everything is possible because that is the only way to be inspired in your quest for greatness. 

Meanwhile, six ways to develop a positive belief system are:

  • Thinking positively 
  • Becoming a goal-getter
  • Appreciating the good people around you
  • Being grateful for what you have
  • Keeping good company
  • Ensuring good health

Trust me, you are 50% successful in your new career if you develop a sound mindset. 

This mental foundation will provide the fuel and resilience to power through obstacles. Nothing can stop you once you have chosen to be successful. 

2. Expect Some Setbacks 

As I mentioned earlier, I am excited about the future of my blog. I know I will achieve my target, but I don’t rule out the chance of experiencing setbacks at some point. 

Though you might see it as an excuse for failure, I am being factual with myself. 

We can’t enjoy the good side of life without the ugly part of it; therefore, I advise you to remain true to yourself when diving into a new career or venture. 

Expect the good times and prepare for a few setbacks that will surely arrive along the way. 

The earlier you prepare for future setbacks, the faster you will overcome them when they eventually occur. 

Talking of preparation, you only need five key mentality shifts to survive turbulent periods. 

3. Set Realistic Goals

My first target for this blog is to get at least 1,000 readers in the first month. 

Some will say: “That’s a cheap target,” while others might think it is a huge task. As for me, that’s a realistic goal I can achieve with hard work and dedication. 

(You can help me achieve this goal by visiting regularly and sharing my posts on your Social Media platforms) 

What do you intend to achieve within a specific period? Write them down now! 

Your goals must be simple and realistic. Make it as simple as “I want to become a doctor in 10 years.” 

However, don’t be so ambitious that you set some goals you can’t achieve even if there are 26 hours a day. 

4. Prioritize Your New Venture

Yes, you have other things to settle — your spouse, children, mother, spiritual life, among other things — but your new venture must be your priority. 

Does it mean you should neglect other aspects of life? No. All I’m saying is you must be committed to your new assignment. 

That brings us to time management! Ensure you spend your time judiciously. Luckily, a to-do list will help you out in this regard. 

Apart from enhancing your productivity, a to-do list helps you live an organized life. It makes you stay focused and committed. 

With a to-do list, you will know the exact time length to spend on your new project without affecting other activities. 

5. Get A Mentor 

Subscribing to a mentorship package will quicken your growth. Identify 2-3 potential mentors in your field and reach out to them. 

Get mentors with laudable years of experience and a high success rate, and learn from them. They will show you how to achieve the desired results. 

Meanwhile, other reasons why you should have a mentor are:

  • Gain wisdom from someone further ahead in your field. 
  • Increase motivation and accountability. 
  • Develop important skills quicker. 
  • Easy access to top professionals (networking) 
  • Valuable endorsements. Read more on mentorship for better understanding. 

Interestingly, most seasoned professionals are happy to offer wisdom if you show dedication.

Get ready to learn from the best and quicken your journey to greatness. 

6. Relax and Learn as Events Unfold

Finally, relax and enjoy! Don’t overthink anything. Create a working strategy, stick to it, relax, and watch how events unfold. 

Though you might need to change your approach at some point, ensure you are not too hard on yourself. 

Remain dedicated, determined, and inspired to give all you’ve got towards achieving your set target for your new venture. 


It’s okay to plan before you dive into your new venture. However, ensure you don’t take forever because overplanning is bad

Again, I’m delighted this blog is up and running.

I’m eager to learn from every blogger on this page. Therefore, please share ideas with me via the comment section while we grow together. 

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you’ve benefitted from it. 

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