Four Expert-proven Ways To Monetize Your Skill In 2024 

Do you want to monetize your skill and make it big in 2024? Then, listen to this. 

Last year, I was opportune to attend a virtual event hosted by the highly-rated Boluwatife Segun-Oluwayomi. 

It was an honor to share the screen with some top dignitaries making waves on LinkedIn. 

Okoye Chinelo, Olamide Williams, Victor Iyanuoluwa, and Abraham Onyemari were all available to grace the occasion. 

The two-hour event had guest speakers discuss extensively “skills monetization” 

So, here are five expert-proven tips shared by Boluwatife Segun-Oluwayomi: 

1. Change Your Mindset

According to Ma’am Tife, changing your mindset is the first step to monetizing your skill. 


You can’t thrive in any industry without a winning mentality. 

Mindset plays an important role in your chances of making it big on LinkedIn, Facebook, or the organization you find yourself.

Once your mind can conceive it, your brain will start working towards achieving what your mind has already conceived and agreed with,” she said.

2. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

Imposter syndrome is a self-limiting belief or mindset that makes you doubt your ability or potential.

The Eagle-eye editor also buttressed the need to overcome Imposter syndrome which has stopped many from launching their career online. 

She recalled how imposter syndrome affected her growth, saying:

“I created this account in 2015 but I just came back last year and was wondering: what am I going to share on this platform?”  

However, she overcame the challenge by surrounding herself with inspiring people, learning from professionals, inspiring herself, and believing in her ability.

3. Change Your Mediocre Friends 

She wrapped up her session by revealing the need to change your friends and people in your circle

If you move with mediocrity, there is no way you can think beyond their mediocre level. 

They will mock and laugh at you when you share your big dreams with them.

Sometimes, it has to do with changing your circle before your mindset can be overhauled. Look for people that when you share your $1 million dream with them, they are sharing with you their $5 million dreams.” She concluded.

4. Productify Your Skills And Be Consistent 

Productifying your skills means packaging your skill and experience in a sellable product that people can easily purchase. 

Turn your skills and ideas into books and stories that people would buy and gain value. 

Show up, be consistent, engage with other creators, and position yourself through valuable comments. 

You need to show people that you have solutions to their problem by creating valuable and engaging content. 

Who Is Boluwatife Segun-Oluwayomi? 

Boluwatife Segun-Oluwayomi

Popularly known as the Eagle-eye editor, Boluwatife Segun-Oluwayomi is a seasoned copy editor and book writing coach. Despite her slow start, she currently has over 12k followers on LinkedIn. 

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Until I see you again, have a wonderful day.

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