Five Life Lessons Learnt On My Holiday Trip To Ondo State

If you have been following this blog, you must have known I spent last year’s festive period with my parents in the village. 

In my last post, I narrated how poor internet service frustrated my New Yearʼs Day celebration

The network was so bad I had to spend the whole day on the farm searching for a slightly better connection. 

While the network issue was a negative experience, my trip to the village opened my eyes to many things. 

I observed many things and learned so much from my beautiful mother, old friends, and new faces. 

So, here are some important ones: 

1. Nigeria Roads Need Urgent Attention 

Nigeria is a beautiful country with gorgeous people, captivating tourist attractions, and culture. 

However, there is a lot to do on the roads. 

My trip to the village was hectic and tiring due to the bad roads. 

At first, it was manageable. But it got to a point where the driver couldnʼt avoid pot-holes and bumps.

Busy park in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

A trip that should take 12 hours ended up being 16 hours. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but thank God I arrived at my destination safely. 

That said, I’m using this medium to call on the Nigerian government to repair our roads so we can enjoy a smooth traveling experience. 

2. Time Wait For No One 

I left my parents when they were agile and very active. 

Seeing them for the first time in almost a decade, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Old age has caught up with them. My very loving dad, now retired, spends most of his time reading old stories by Shakespeare or James Hadley Chase. 

Did I mention my younger sister, the last born? I couldn’t recognize her when I got back to the village. 

The young baby has become a grown-up lady with a very sharp mouth. 

See, here’s the lesson:

Don’t waste your youthful age on frivolous adventures that add nothing to your life. 

You are in your 20s? Don’t make silly mistakes. Now is the best time to invest in your life. 

Don’t wait till you are 30 or 40 because time doesn’t wait for anyone — not even the wisest man on earth. 

Learn to do the right thing at the right time; you will thank yourself later. Trust me.

3. Change Is Inevitable 

Before my departure, my village was one of the most underdeveloped areas in the state. 

Though we enjoyed a steady power supply, we lacked too many social amenities like schools, factories, markets, or good roads. 

We depended on other neighboring (slightly advanced) villages for all the necessary facilities. 

Interestingly, that was the village I left, not the one I met. 

I was stunned by my hometown’s rapid development with new infrastructure and industries where only farmland once stood. 

We now have modern buildings, schools, and companies you would never have imagined a few years ago. 

While the lack of internet access still causes frustrations, many lives are benefiting from modernization. 

Hopefully, the transformation will continue until the village is among the best towns in the state and Nigeria. 

4. Family Is Everything 

Here is the best part of my trip to the village because nothing beats being around your family and sharing jokes. 

There is this joy and happiness whenever you are with your clans. We had a filled house on New Yearʼs Eve!

My elder siblings came to the village for the festive celebrations. That was the first time all the children and grandchildren came home for the holidays. 

And to spice it up, Grandma came around to see her grandchild (me), who has been away for many years. 

The house was buzzing on New Year’s Day. We ate good food, relived some old memories, recreated new ones, and had a fulfilling day. 

The weeks I spent with my family were arguably the best in many years. 

The banters, meetings, experiences, advice, and other things were enough for me. 

If you have neglected your family for one reason or another, trust me, you’ve made the worst decision. 

Kindly rescind your decision, forgive your clans, and live happily with them. 

5. Always Plan For The Future 

While it is advisable to live your present life to the fullest, don’t forget to invest in your future. 

If you are reading this, I beg you to invest in your future. 

I understand you want to look good, wear good clothes, and enjoy all the trending things, but don’t ignore your future. 

Whatever you do, remember a time will come when you won’t have the strength for hard labor. 

Start preparing for such days. How? It’s simple: 

  • Save 
  • Invest in long-term projects. 
  • Ensure regular exercise 
  • Stop habits that could jeopardize your health and body (smoking, fornication, etc) 

As I wrap up this homecoming series, let me reiterate the importance of planning for the future. 

Saving, investing, and staying healthy will allow you to transition into purposeful retirement rather than scrambling to catch up.

Meanwhile, don’t neglect your parents completely in your quest for a better life. Home is always better and sweeter than anywhere in the world.

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